Dynamic Pricing with Uncertain Capacities

New June 2022: We analyze markets, such as those for airline tickets and hotel accommodations, where firms sell time-dated products and have private information about unsold capacities. We show that firms have less market power as under complete information. The paper is now accepted for publication at Management Science.

Regulating Recommended Retail Prices

This paper shows that by requiring at least some sales to take place at a recommended retail price enables manufacturers to commit to their unobserved contracts This may enhance manufacturer’s profits, but harms retailers and consumers. The paper is now accepted for publication at International Journal of Industrial Organization.

Intermediated Signaling and Delegated Selling

The paper shows that asymmetric information about product quality can create incentives for a privately informed manufacturer to sell to uninformed consumers through a retailer and to maintain secrecy of upstream pricing.

Influencing Search

The paper shows that in search markets an influencer who recommends a product to her followers improves consumer surplus and total welfare despite the firm paying for her recommendation.