PHD Students

I have been the principal advisor of the following PhD students:


PHD Students

Current Students

Sebastian Ertner

Not graduated yet

Radostina Shopova

Essays on Imperfect Competition

Graduated in 2023

Boris Knapp

Thesis: Essays on Information Provision and Consumer Protection

Graduated in 2023

Edona Reshidi

Thesis: Essays on Vertical Markets with Consumer Search

Graduated in 2020

Atabek Atayev
Thesis: Essays on Consumer Search

Graduated in 2020

Anton Sobolev
Thesis: Essays on Consumer Search
Graduated in 2018
Bernhard Kasberger
Thesis: Essays on Auction Design
Graduated in 2018
Jun Honda
Thesis: Essays on Consumer Search and the Bandwagon Effect
Graduated in 2015
Martin Obradovits
Thesis: Essays on Industrial Organization
Graduated in 2014
Bart Voogt
Thesis: Essays on Consumer Search and Dynamic Committees
Graduated in 2012
Nick Vikander
Thesis: Essays on Teams and the Social side of Consumption
Graduated in 2011
Andrei Dubovik
Thesis: Economic Dances for Two (and Three)
Graduated in 2010
Ferdinand Rauch
Thesis: Firms in Competitive Markets
Graduated in 2010
Alexei Parakhonyak
Thesis: Essays on Consumer Search, Dynamic Competition and Regulation
Graduated in 2010
Riemer Faber
Thesis: Prices and Price Setting
Graduated in 2010
Marielle Non
Thesis: Essays on Consumer Search and Interlocking Directorates
Graduated in 2008
Matthijs Wildenbeest
Thesis: Consumer Search and Oligopolistic Pricing
Graduated in 2007
Stefano Fico
Thesis: Imperfect Information Processing in Economics
Graduated in 2007
Rob van der Noll
Thesis: Essays on Internet and Information Economics
Graduated in 2006
Emrah Aydinonat
Thesis: Invisible Hand Mechanisms
Graduated in 2004
Peran van Reeven
Thesis: Competition in Transportation Sectors
Graduated in 2003
Ewa Mendys
Thesis: Essays in Network Externalities
Graduated in 2003
Peter Marks
Thesis: Association between Games
Graduated in 2002
Vladimir Karamychev
Thesis: Dynamic Adverse Selection Models
Graduated in 2002

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